Bear-ly There

Bearing my thoughts to someone suffocates me; it feels like every inch of my body has suddenly revealed itself– every flaws, every imperfections. 

I wrote this on my journal a few months ago, and it’s a bit weird how heavy it still gets me everytime I read this particular sentence. It the was the day I swore to myself never to bore anything to anyone anymore. Never again. It never made me whole. It never made me feel alive or content even. 

My thoughts are to be kept within me for as long as I can contain it, for as long as I can remember it. They wouldn’t understand. Hell, I for one, can’t understand it, how they hell can I explain it to them? They said that by doing so, I don’t fight fair. I’m living my life blind with all these bottled-up emotions. But would it be easier for you to dive into a dark ocean than to stay afloat into your own little boat, letting the wind take you to wherever?  


Bear-ly There

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