On This Corner

As this year commenced, I started writing again, like seriously pouring my guts and all on a piece of paper. It started weird as my fingers start to get callouses again. Here’s what I wrote on my first entry this year:

I celebrate every New Year’s Eve with my family. We drink ’til midnight, we cheer all throughout the night. What amazes me are those moments where I’ll recharge by staying on a corner and just simply observe people. Just by looking at them, I see something– All of the doubts, worries and sadness. All of it. I can see all of it through their eyes. The smiles from their pictures say otherwise. They’re my family. They’re humans. I’ve always thought that I’m different but they’re just like me after all.

We all have wanted something. We all have needed something. We have all been hurt, and we all have those wishes that were ignored– wishes that turned into a “want“, which then evolved into a “need“. Most of us have rose from our sorrows but something still aches from within, but some of them strives to take all the joy that they can possibly get.

As the clock ticks closer to midnight, the pain throbs harder, and loneliness stings faster. But the hope is there. It’s creeping within our hearts whispering that everything will be better, that the year will be better than the last. Some hugged the pain out–feeling the love from their partners. Forgiving all the mistakes, loving them deeper, hoping for a better year together. Some find comfort from each other, while some find it from silence. This is them. This is us. Happy New Year. Hello, 2015.

On This Corner

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