Insert Witty Title

If there’s one thing you need to (know) about me is that I rock in procrastinating. I think that’s the only that I’m good at. I never had any “obvious talent” growing up. I joined various clubs in school — Art, Sports, Drama, even Culinary. Well, I didn’t suck at them but shoot I was not that great either. Certified mediocre come to think of it. Hence the question “What’s your talent?” is the most absurd thing I have ever encountered back then, and it can be found in various questionnaires and “slam books”, these journal-looking books you can pass around your friends and classmates which asks their basic data and ambitions in the future. Imagine how many of these things I’ve faced in grade school. Oh, the horror of it all!

I wondered then how my classmates ever found out what they’re good at. Like when there were certain events or competitions in school and you’d automatically know who could represent your class and you know that it’s not the person sitting on your chair.

I did not come from a rich family so music classes or any classes of such was out of the question. There were A LOT of formula or milk supplements commercials where they show these kids that they were frigging talented at a very young age (I was not yet aware that there is such a thing as child prodigies!) by drinking these said supplements. Funny how commercials can make a child feel inferior for not been able to take their product.

These simple things can affect a whole lot bigger than what they aim to be. Sometimes we’re too caught up on improving our lives that we don’t notice that we already did a long time ago and that it’s already perfect at that moment until we lose that moment and wished for yesterday to be our tomorrow.

I wish I could have gotten better but if the future has an option, I would never opt to go back and change it. All those things could have been written for me and I suppose I did write them as well by taking that path. I think we can change our fate, we can always be better. Sometimes I think believing in fate is just an excuse to be passive in life. I do believe in fate but I’d like to think that we control our fate. But what if it is in my fate to think this way? LOL.


Insert Witty Title

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